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 CLEM'S CAFE is now on FACEBOOK. go ahead look us up.


Greetings and WELCOME to CLEM'S Cafe ON LINE ! We are VERY appreciative that you have taken the time out of your schedule to visit our website to learn more about us ! . Collectively, we work VERY hard to bring you the BEST possible BBQ experience !.. While you are here just  look at the photos to hold you over until you can get here again...and PIG OUT !

If you have NEVER been here before...and are planning on doing so...well...GOOD TASTE... ABSOLUTELY AWAITS YOU once you get here !Folks...simply put...Clem's Cafe is about providing BBQ connoisseurs...the most MOUTH WATERING...AMAZINGLY SUCCULENT BBQ experience possible !

And....those aren't just OUR words and opinion. That's what people from ALL ACROSS the United States say about THEIR Clem's experience !


It's ALL about the HARDWOOD FIRE !!



You MUST know your "stuff " when it comes to "hardwood " fire grilling. You MUST know your "wood". Not just ANY wood will do. You MUST know about proper temperatures...and you MUST know about length of time in which to cook.

We have our wood trucked in...and only use the FINEST hardwoods to enhance the flavor of our products.We do NOT cook our meat and poultry in an OVEN ! It's ALL cooked over a FLAME...even in the winter ! must have a DEDICATED staff.

You must only serve the BEST QUALITY products available.


Yes...we used to be known as that "little place on the side of the road" on Route 22 near Blairsville...but...what went ON in that little place...and the FLAVOR that came out of that little place......was VERY BIG INDEED !

Well...that "little place" a Little BIGGER !

Due to the major construction project on Rt. 22...we were forced to relocate.Now...our beautiful new building is located just a few miles up the road...EAST...towards Blairsville...on the OPPOSITE side of the road.

Our LOOK has changed...but NOT THE LEGENDARY FLAVOR !! We continue to provide you...our VALUED AMAZING...MOUTH WATERING experience...right here in our new location...with PLENTY of seating !

If you are looking for hardwood grilled ribs...ribs so incredibly moist and perfectly pampered that the meat falls off the bone as you eat them...ribs that are OOZING with flavor unlike ANYTHING you've ever MUST try Clem's ! They are THAT good.

If you are looking for BBQ Chicken...BIG BREASTS...Hardwood grilled to perfection...and of course....ALSO tasting unlike ANY CHICKEN you've ever MUST TRY CLEM'S !


Pulled Pork ?? OUT OF THIS WORLD !

Garlic Mashed Potatoes with the skin still on ?? SIMPLY AWESOME !

Warm Buns fresh out of the oven ??

Mouth watering yet ?

Well....I need to get back to the "PIT". Again...I thank you for stopping by.Please take the time to check out the rest of the site. Then...plan on stopping by...or ordering on line.

If you do stop'll be greeted by FRIENDLY...PERSONABLE folk...and you'll be treated to FANTASTIC Flavor...BIG PORTIONS...and GREAT PRICES !

Clem's !

Home of the Nice Racks...Big Breasts...Juicy Thighs and warm Buns !

Get yer mind out of the gutter...and get on in here !

You'll be GLAD you did !

We hope to see you soon...and we look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations !
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